Scientific and production company Technokompleks was established in 1997, primary for repair and restoration of diesel engines parts : plain bearings shells , connecting rods, pistons, cylinders covers and etc. In the course of development and acquisition of new equipment the company passed on production of special plain bearings shells, generally for diesel engines.


 Production domain:

 Increasing of production volumes at the expense of expansion of production areas, construction of new production and store premises, acquisition and upgrading of modern equipment, increasing of work places quantity, extension of cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and enterprises.

 Domain of development and research works:

 Work out of different kinds of bearings antifrictional coatings by method of vacuum ion-plasmous spraying (PVD) in order to make bearings capable of operation in the engines, machines and devices of any type. Extensive implementation of vacuum ion-plasmous spraying technology (PVD) in the production of plain bearings instead of galvanic processes in order to improve their functional properties and environmental safety.